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North Palm Youth Symphony
Program Roadmap

The North Palm Youth Symphony provides a complete string education, taking students from the beginning stages through to artistry. The following ensemble descriptions and overview provide the framework through which we move our students as their level progresses. 

During the fall of 2022 our orchestra program saw a large program expansion. We now serve grades 3-12 with a total of four orchestras comprised of Beginning Strings, Prelude Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra and Youth Symphony. Beginning Strings, Prelude Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra classes take place on Thursday evenings starting at 4:00 pm to 7:30 pm. For the complete overview of dates and times please visit the schedule page. Youth Symphony will continue to rehearse Monday nights from 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm. Should you have any questions please send us an email at

"The rung of the ladder was never meant to rest upon, only to hold one’s foot long enough to put the other somewhat higher." - Thomas Huxley

beginning strings

The beginning of the string education journey. Students will be taught with an emphasis on building strong fundamentals of posture, playing position and music reading while developing fine and gross motor skills, inner motor (rhythmic development) and inner ear (ear training). Students can expect to sing, move and play on their instruments throughout fun and dynamic lessons designed to promote growth and interest in music.

prelude orchestra

Prelude Orchestra is the training ground for students to learn orchestral skills while strengthening all of the skills learned in beginning orchestra. Music reading and music reading fluency will be more heavily emphasized as students continue improving their playing technique. Orchestral skills such as listening, watching, breathing and playing together as a group will also be taught. 

Concert orchestra

Concert Orchestra is the group students grow in as developing players become fluid readers and demonstrate mastery of the fundamentals. Students in Concert orchestra will be learning the fundamentals of vibrato, practice early shifting exercises, continue ear training, learning scales and transitioning to grade 1 orchestral music. Music ready is heavily emphasized in Concert orchestra. Orchestral skills such as listening, watching, breathing and playing together as a group will also be taught. 

chamber orchestra

Students in Chamber Orchestra are capable readers and independent players. Chamber orchestra students will continue to develop their technique through various exercises delivered as lessons to the entire orchestra. These will include vibrato, shifting, articulation and phrasing along with extending the instrument specific technique for all players. Repertoire will range from baroque, to classical, to romantic and also include a host of original compositions and arrangements from educational composers such as Sandra Dackow, Soon Hee Newbold, and others. Students can expect rehearsals to be fun and engaging as we learn great music and rehearse like a real orchestra. 

youth symphony orchestra

Students in Youth Symphony are experienced players with strong reading skills and solid playing fundamentals. The artistry and musicianship of the individual will be developed and elevated as the group reaches for musical mastery through a widely diverse selection of repertoire. This repertoire will range from classical masterworks to other genres. Students can expect rehearsals to be engaging, high energy / intensive and focused. We will be developing technique and musicianship all while learning challenging repertoire. Students will have access to coaching / mentoring opportunities, leadership development, volunteer work and varied community performances and in addition to concerts. 

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