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NPYS Program Book

Welcome to Our Program Book Showcase

We are thrilled to introduce you to our organization's work through our annual program book. This captivating compilation captures the essence of our organization, showcasing our students' achievements and their growth in action, our community partnerships, and the profound impact of music education. As we prepare to launch this year's edition, I invite you to explore the pages of our past program book, offering a glimpse into our world.


Supporting Our Cause: A Platform for Local Businesses


At the heart of our program book lies a unique opportunity for local businesses to support to our mission. By purchasing ad space within our pages, businesses not only gain visibility among within our large parent community, but also philanthropically support the growth and development of our young musicians. Your participation supports the arts and education, creates opportunities for children, opens doors of access to the arts, and positively enriches our community. 


As part of our program, local businesses can:

  • Showcase Their Presence: Feature your business in a prominent space, making a lasting impression on our concert attendees.

  • Connect with the Community: Align your brand with a well-respected educational initiative that touches the lives of countless families.

  • Promote a Positive Impact: Demonstrate your dedication to enriching lives through music by connecting with with our transformative work.

Your support will enable us to purchase instruments, music, provide tuition scholarships and create additional arts enrichment opportunities for our students. 

A Message to Parents and Our Community

I would like to extend a special invitation to parents and families to support this endeavor. By either showcasing your business, or sharing our program book with your place of work or local businesses, you actively help us open doors for new partnerships that benefit both our organization and local business.

To our local business community, we invite you to consider the powerful impact of your support. By investing in our program book, you invest in an organization that is 100% boots on the ground, 100% on the front lines and effecting positive change in the community. Your contribution, no matter the size, helps us grow and better support our students. 

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As we embark on this exciting journey together, I extend my deepest gratitude to the individuals and organizations already actively supporting our work, and I look forward to future partnerships that will further push our organization in the right direction. Together, we elevate children and their families, enrich our local community, and effect positive social change by opening doors of access to the arts and a world class string education. 


Respectfully yours,


Victor Fernandez


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