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North Palm Youth Symphony
Audition requirements

The goal of ensemble placement is to have all pupils in an environment where they will be successful. Promotion to the next ensemble is based on meeting the competencies and curriculum expectations for each group, and made at the discretion of the director. Consistent daily practice, private lessons and regular attendance will significantly increase musical growth on the instrument.

The Artistic Journey is Never Ending...

-Entering our Program-
Audition guidelines

Thank you for your interest in the North Palm Youth Symphony! 


In order to ensure the correct placement for your child, we have a framework in place to assist all incoming students and families. 


Please record a video of your child playing with the following guidelines:

  • A one, two or three octave scale and arpeggio(s) which demonstrates the student's highest ability

  • A solo, etude (From Suzuki, Wohlfahrt, Kreutzer or other) that demonstrates the student's highest ability.  



  • The player should be well lit and visible

  • The camera angle should frame in and capture as much of the left and right hands, instrument and bowing motion as possible. 

  • It must be a video recording, audio only will not be acceptable.

  • The email should be clearly titled “Audition video for Child’s Name” or similar. 


Please send the video to as an unlisted YouTube link, or upload to Google Drive and share from there. 


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